Welcome to Erotic Massage Amsterdam,

We are proud to welcome all our guests in Amsterdam, and to present everybody with one of the most exclusive massage service, at your own hotel !

Meet the exclusive massage packages we have to offer and you can enjoy your well-deserved relaxation time. Unrestrained experience the sensuality and the ultimate relaxation time and meet the class of our very beautiful and sexy masseuses, surrender with any service at your hotel room. Our charming and elegant masseuses are happy to serve you with any type of massage, daily until the late hours.

Treat yourself to the ultimate and intimate moment and enjoy your well-deserved rest, experience today this sensational experience in your hotel room with our exclusive packages. At Erotic Massage Amsterdam you can get a unique service for the minimum duration of 60 minutes.

With a visit of one or two of our charming and beautiful masseuses you are assured of an unprecedented massage where you will enjoy the maximum pleasure. We are an accepted massage service throughout Amsterdam and where you can only expect the very best. Each massage will be performed with a special combined ethereal oil on jojoba base which will have a calming and relaxing effect on your whole body.

To enjoy from your deserved rest we offer you an exclusive service at your hotel you can use our service every day and night as much as possible, so you need no more looking for one of the massage salons where you have no idea what kind of masseuse you will find, as we offer exclusive ladies with high standard to bring you only the very best and we are able to guarantee.

In most cases, our masseuses can be present in the room in approximately 30 minutes, we like to ask you kindly before our ladies show up to take 10 minutes before an refreshing shower or bath. This is because of the hygiene, which is important for you as for us, also your pores will be open and this will give an extra dimension to one of your services you like to order.

Enjoy today of our beautiful charming and sexy ladies Call our service : +31 (0)6 18633672 and let you have a nice pampered massage with of one of our most beautiful masseuses. With us you are in good hands, and provide you with any massage package to your own choice. And the best package ” Lingam Massage ” that’s also called a Happy End is free of charge in combination with any of our other massages.

Our Most Popular Massages

Here you can already find four of our best and most sensual erotic ladies, check out our ” masseuse page ” certainly you will find the lady who perfectly fits the type of massage you desire. One by one they are all unique and beautiful so we are sure that you will not soon forget this pleasurable experience. Our enjoyable masseuses are already available from 60 minutes to give the most erotic experience and a real genuine service.

In order to satisfy every demand of our customers, we have every type of massage for you specially designed and homemade. We guarantee you the ultimate relaxation time full of passion and complete surrender.

To make sure that you find the right lady that will match your needs perfectly, select the one that suits you the best. Should you have any questions about any of the masseuses or any type of massage you can reach us at +31 (0)6-18633672 until the late hours.

Order today one of our charming masseuse at your room and be amazed by their class and abilities, let this opportunity not be untouched and call our unique service, we are there for you every day. And the highlight on top is the Lingam massage what is free of charge (in combination with one of our packets), look at it as a bonus.


The masseuses are waiting for you. Please make an online booking here

The benefits of each massages are almost the same. Why? Because your body mind and soul need relaxation in any form. One finds it in a body to body and others in a sensual this depends and is different with each person. After a hard working week at the office or a lot of stress and things on your head, you need to clear that negative pressure instantly and get rid of all that pressure & stress.

Your body feels the stress, pains, and pressure on a whole different level and can cause for a lot of problems inside your system. The main goal is the dispose this negativity out of your system and get your body back in balance again, by having a unique massage after your own personal choice. With every massage and the right movement on your body your bloodstream is making overtime in combination with the touching and the pressure of the masseuse your full body is going to have a state of relaxation the same as a good night sleep.

After the massage it`s quite normal that your body wants to rest an you are probably going to have a good night sleep. This means that you will experience the ultimate relaxation and the next day feel re-born. When your body & mind are fixed at this point and fully restored, your soul will take over the signals that your body and mind are sending. Now you will feel the sensational euphoric state of well-being. And after a happy end (only when desired) this is the moment were you going in total rest. So Erotic Massage Amsterdam has restored your mind, body and soul with any massage type you desire the most.

Amsterdam is one of the biggest cities in the Netherlands and that is why we provide a very popular visiting massage at any time of the day in the city. Why ? Because you don’t need to go out on the streets to seek for an massage service who will provide you with the service you like the most. Visiting massage is the most exclusive massage way there is. Easily dial the number on the website, stay where you are, select the masseuse and the packets you desire the best, and within 30 minutes approx. Your experience is a fact.

Just let the masseuse know what type of service you need and she will provide this excellent service in a relax atmosphere without any interruptions. So why go out on the streets where you might end up in a place where you don’t even know where you are and dealing with. By selecting one of the finest masseuses in Amsterdam thought our company, you just covered and maybe saved yourself a lot of trouble and maybe problems. Now you know who is coming and what to expect from your choice.

We are proud to serve all gentlemen for a sensational visiting massage anywhere in the city of Amsterdam. When you are staying in an apartment, house of one of the hotels we are the ultimate provider of visiting massage at your location.

Erotic Massage Amsterdam has selected a beautiful selection of the finest and only the best masseuses in the city. When you are looking for a Swedish Massage, Sensual Massage, Erotic Massage, or any other like our special designed Tantric Massages or Body to Body Massage ? We are the one to call for a sensational visiting massage at your own personal place.

On daily base we got frequently some questions asked:

Is it possible for the masseuse to enter the hotel i am in ? The answer is Yes ! Because we are a fully legal company and only provide you with a unique way of relaxation it is allowed to enter the hotel at any time of the day. She will probably not spend the night but only the time you like of our packets, so she is your personal quest on that time.

She need a card key for the corridor and the elevator does she have one ? As soon as she enters the hotel and makes a registration by the reception she is going to get a card key for the hotel and to access the corridor and elevator. Because we have daily contact with most of the hotels it`s no problem what so ever for the masseuses from Erotic Massage Amsterdam the get access.

What oil must I have ? You don’t need any oil or other things for your massage. All our masseuses are equipped with a special oil for all types of massage service you need. The characteristics of this special oil are based on minerals and vitamins what your body needs on daily base.

Can I book in Advance? Of course you can make a booking when you are still in your own country and book in advance the masseuse you desire. We only need confirmation when you have checked in the hotel on the day of your booking and arrival.

Can I have a combination of the massage`s ? Of course you can have a splendid combination of massages you desire by the hour. You can pick an erotic massage in the first hour and a sensual or body to body the next hour. Because the masseuse works by the hour and is aiming for the climax on the end of each massage it is possible to change the massage after the hour.

Where can I pick the masseuses ? The masseuses can be found on the website: Under masseuses on TOP of the website you can find the masseuses where you will find the greatest selection of the best masseuses of Amsterdam. Because we are strict with our selection we don’t just take any body because we have our name to maintain.

Can I pay with different currency ? Yes, you can pay the masseuse upfront by using Dollars, Euro, Pounds but before you make a booking please ask the rate of your currency our operator will let you know what you need to pay upfront to the masseuse.

Can I use min credit card ? Sorry, no we don’t accept credit cards any more ! Because there are more than 1000 ATM in the city and probably one close by we advise you to get the money out of the ATM first.

Can the masseuse get passed by the reception without letting them know ? In some hotels it is possible for the masseuse to enter the hotel without going through the reception this is depending of the hotel that you are in. We know like no other that you might not be alone in the hotel and your colleges are staying in the same hotel as well and one a discrete visiting massage service.

Do you have a location where I can go to ? No, we are a 100% visiting massage service this means in other words we are an outcall service and we bring visits at any place at any time of the day.

Our exclusive massage service in Amsterdam offers a great selection of the best and most popular massages. We offer all massage on almost any time of the day, for a service in the daytime or in the nighttime you can call for our service. Did you select your masseuse and type of massage ? Now it`s time to select the duration of the massage.

We offer massage from sixty minutes, ninety minutes, and one hundred twenty minutes those are the most order and common massages. But also when you want service above 120 minutes it`s no problem at all. Just let the operator on our phone line know how long you wish the massage and the masseuse to stay at your place. Because we want everybody to have some time off for the ultimate and a sensational way of relaxation we offer different packets with different durations.

All packets are available for Erotic Massage, Body to Body, Sensual, Tantra or Tantric, Relax, Body, Lingam, and the sensational four hands massage in Amsterdam. Are you staying outside the city it is also possible to use our service but the prices are not the same as on the website like on the pricing page. Take a look on the massage page on the website what your type of massage contains.

We can say with certainty that we will provide everybody with the best possible service at any time of the day with the most attractive masseuses of Amsterdam, our city girls are selected on a high end. They are well trained and skilled of giving any type of massage you like the most. We select only the very best girls that are available in the city. Why ? We want recommendation from you to maybe the people you know who come to Amsterdam or maybe you come back the next time.

And for us it is important that you will call us again because you were happy with the service we provided to you. And you will recommend our service to the next person. Besides the internet, mouth to mouth recommendation is our main goal for advertising our massage company. If you were happy with our service please recommend it to you colleges or friends.

Because we operate and are established in Amsterdam we can be in you hotel or apartment within 30 minutes in the night and evening. During the day due to traffic it might take a little bit longer than the 30 minutes approx.. Take in mind that during the daytime it will take the masseuse approx. 45 min. to get to your spot.

The time of your massage starts when the masseuse enters your room and you have paid her the money, than your time starts….. The traveling time and cost are in the price you find on the website we will not charge you extra for this !

We use a special oil for your body that is based in vitamins and minerals that your body essentially needs on daily base. By choosing any massage with the pure and essential oil your body is going to have a pure sensational feeling all over. Our oils are based on jojoba and sweet almond, and are mixed with pure vitamins and minerals.

The oil is instantly taken by the body and is non sticky with a high grease level and 100% pure natural. The oil absorbs very quickly into the skins pores making this oil we use for excellent purpose and for the massage especially when used as a base carrier oil for our essential oil fragrances and also has non allergenic and natural properties.

It is softening & revitalizing and nourishing to the skin which makes it an excellent base oil for your and each type of massage. This is the best mix and general massage oil available.


We make every occasion special and want only the best for all our customers. We only work with the most exceptional masseuses with you at your own hotel for the maximum relaxation effect. Pamper yourself with one of our charming ladies.


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